Our Commitment & History

Our Commitment & History

Healthtree is committed to a healthy environment

Healthtree is committed to a healthy environment

Our Commitment to You

Healthtree is more than just a store. We see ourselves as a place of health and we dedicate ourselves to choosing products that are mindful of our bodies, our minds and our environment. We believe in being responsive to our customers because we wouldn’t be here without you.

The products you see on our shelves are the result of our collaboration with our customers; you inform us as much as we inform you. If you need something we don’t have, talk to us. If you’re not happy with one of our products or services, tell us. You can tell us if you’re a happy customer too! It’s all part of Healthtree’s commitment to being your community organic and natural health store.

Healthtree History

Healthtree was founded by John Brody in December 1990 when he opened a small 1000 sq. ft. store in Côte St. Luc Shopping Centre. John had become interested in health food while living in California in the late 80s and Healthtree was a result of his experience there. From the first day he opened, John grew Healthtree one customer at a time while building strong relationships with suppliers and leaders in natural health such as Daniel Crisafi, Alain Roy and Sam Graci who mentored John in the early years of the store. In 1994 John’s wife Rita joined the staff and together they grew the Côte St. Luc store. In 1995 John became the host of a Saturday call-in radio health show on CIQC 600AM. The show introduced health food industry experts such as Sam Graci and Udo Erasmus to Montreal listeners, fueling the audience’s growing interest in natural health. The show was on the air until the Fall of 1999 when CIQC 600AM shut down.

In February 1998 John and Rita opened the Healthtree store in Dollard. Originally only 1200 sq. ft., the store became so popular that in December 2000 they expanded to 6000 sq. ft., offering a full health food selection including organic produce, meat and a much larger choice of groceries, body care and supplements. Then in 2005, John and Rita closed the Côte St. Luc store to focus on the growing West Island market. That same year they expanded again to make the store a total of 7500 sq. ft.

In 2007 Healthtree was awarded the Canadian Health Food Association’s highest honour for health food stores. The Brock Elliott Award of Excellence was extra special as John Brody became good friends with the late Brock Elliott and considered him a mentor as he continued to build his health food business. Healthtree was founded on a mission to deliver the best nutrition information and products to our customers. That same mission of excellence that John started in 1990 continues today.

A Personal Message from the President

When I started out 20 years ago I could never have imagined how far Healthtree could go. It’s hard to remember that struggling first year, in the tiny barely stocked store. I had one part time employee and we were so grateful for every customer. Today Healthtree employs 30 people and we are still grateful for every customer.

I most give thanks for the people who got me started: my mother and father, Esther and Egon Brody, without whose help and encouragement I would not have opened my store on that December day. To my wife Rita, who brought light and love to me, my partner in business and life, mother to my children Mark and Stephanie, who both share her love and passion. I am very thankful and grateful.

Through the years I have formed personal relationships with the manufacturers and suppliers in the health food industry. Healthtree has been a member of the Canadian Health Food Association since 1991 and I am presently on the Association’s Retail Advisory Council. Healthtree is committed to being an active part of the health food industry, from attending annual shows in Toronto to campaigns to save our natural health products. Without our great suppliers we wouldn’t be able to bring you all the healthy products you see on our shelves.

I have had many employees along the way, from my first employee Elizabeth Webster who has been my sales representative for my largest vitamin line, Natural Factors for many years. Lyne Gendron, the manager of our former Côte St. Luc store, was always there for us and we deeply appreciated her hard work and devotion. We are also grateful to Kemberley Ford, our Controller, whose expertise and passion have made the store what it is today and keep it growing. I thank all our employees, past and present, for their hard work, dedication and for being part of Healthtree’s journey.

Most of all I thank our customers whose loyalty and feedback have helped us thrive.

Thank you,
John Brody