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Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions

HEALTHTREE Loyalty Card – HEALTHTREE Points program

The Healthtree Loyalty Program is a way to thank our customers for supporting Healthtree in providing our clients with the highest quality of natural & Organic products and services and for allowing us to continue our mission to assist our clients in making Healthtree their Community Organic & Natural Health store.

Rules, terms and conditions:

The following rules, terms and conditions include membership information, gathering and using of HEALTHTREE Points and other aspects of the Loyalty program.

It is the customer’s responsibility to read and understand these rules.

Any use of the customer’s HEALTHTREE Loyalty Program Card through this program implies that the customer has read the following rules and has accepted these rules.

The terms “Customer”, “Client”, “Card holder” or “Member” refers to anyone who has a HEALTHTREE Loyalty Card issued in their name by HEALTHTREE through this program.

Membership terms and conditions:

Membership to the Program is free. To obtain a membership, proceed to the checkout counter and ask for a HEALTHTREE Loyalty Card. One HEALTHTREE Loyalty Card per person. Any customer to whom HEALTHTREE has issued a card is a full participant to the program.

By completing the activation process or by using his HEALTHTREE Loyalty Card for the first time, the customer:

  • Certifies that he is of legal age in his home province (or that has been authorized by his parent or tutor);
  • Accepts the terms, conditions and rules of the HEALTHTREE Loyalty Card Program,that may be changed without notice and at any time.
  • The customer gives his consent to gathering and use of his personal shopping/purchases information according to the rules established. (Refer to confidentiality section for more information).

HEALTHTREE Point gathering

To gather HEALTHTREE Points, the Points Member must present his HEALTHTREE Loyalty Card at any checkout counter before the transaction has been completed. If the Loyalty Member does not produce his card or telephone number, he will not be able to gather HEALTHTREE Points for this transaction. It is the responsibility of the Loyalty member to provide their card before the transaction commences.

Points will be automatically saved in the Points Member’s account. The HEALTHTREE Points will appear as soon as the full activation process has been completed.

A customer has no limited amount of HEALTHTREE Points he can gather, however, HEALTHTREE Points have no expiry as long as the program is active.

HEALTHTREE Point Gathering Value: One (1) HEALTHTREE Point is equivalent to one Canadian Dollar ($1 CAN) spent on purchases (amount after all discounts and before taxes). HEALTHTREE Points cannot be traded in legal tender for their value nor can they be used in any other transaction but the ones allowed in these Rules. The Program Administrator can, to his sole discretion, take any other decision related to the use of HEALTHTREE Points.

HEALTHTREE Points Redeeming Value: 100 Points redeems $1.00 (one dollars). HEALTHTREE has the right to change these amounts at any time without notice.

Promotional offers: Products already in promotion might not be admissible to gather HEALTHTREE Points.

Client Point Balance Amount: To check your HEALTHTREE Points account, you can 1) refer to the bottom Point section of your last receipt or 2) proceed to the checkout area in store, with purchases and provide your card to the cashier asking him/her to check your balance point amount.

Returning or Reimbursing merchandise: When merchandise is RETURNED OR REIMBURSED (as per Healthtree’s return/reimbursement Policy) the HEALTHTREE Loyalty card will be required for scanning to access clients account. Points gathered on the proof of purchase transaction will be subtracted from the customer’s point account.

Item(s) Returns or Reimbursements Points used for payment: If Points are redeemed as a method of payment for a purchase, and on this purchase one item (or some items or all items) is being Returned or Reimbursed the Points will NOT be returned to the customer’s point account but the customer will be reimbursed the $ dollar amount of the item or items that the customer paid on the proof of purchase invoice. The HEALTHTREE Points Card or customer telephone # must be made available by the client to be able to Return, Reimburse item/items showing on the client’s (proof of purchase) invoice.

HEALTHTREE Points transfer:

Accumulated HEALTHTREE Points cannot be transferred (partial or whole sum) to another person.

Lost or stolen Card

If your HEALTHTREE Loyalty Card is stolen or lost, it is (the member’s) responsibility to inform the Program Administrator or a HEALTHTREE store manager immediately. All HEALTHTREE Points in the account will be transferred to your new points card # emitted in member’s name.

HEALTHTREE cannot be held responsible for all transactions (points gathered or points redeemed) made since the theft or the loss of the client’s points card and up until the time the Program Administrator has been informed of the situation.

Program violation or fraud

All customer violation or fraud pertaining to the Program, including false information provided by the customer or non-compliance to the present terms and conditions can result in the cancellation of the HEALTHTREE Loyalty Card and all accumulated/gathered HEALTHTREE Points.

Reasonable motives such as trickery, abuse, embezzlement, card cloning or any other inacceptable and unauthorized act, will result in the cancellation of all HEALTHTREE Points, this, without notice to the customer.

Program modifications or interruption

Program modifications: HEALTHTREE reserves all rights to terminate, suspend or modify the Points program and to add, withdraw of modify any condition of the Program without notice. In the event that the Program is to be terminated, Points Members will be granted a period of Twelve (12) months to spend their remaining HEALTHTREE Points, but will not be able to accumulate more.

Program interruption and cancellation: If the Program is or becomes compromised as a result of causes beyond the control of the Program Administrator and/or also for other serious reasons, the Program Administrator reserves the right to suspend the Program in its entirety or partially. All HEALTHTREE Points will no longer be available for gathering or redeeming.

Computer problem: The Administrator and participating store are not liable for faulty computer components, programs, or communication lines relating to the loss or absence of network communication or any faulty, incomplete, incomprehensible or erased computer or network transmissions limiting or stopping anyone in participating to the program. The Administrator and participating store are also not liable for any damages or loss caused, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from downloading any Internet pages or software and by transmitting any information concerning participation to the Program.

General Information

The terms for implementing this program are subject to laws and regulations in effect in the province of the holder of the HEALTHTREE Points Card as well as those of Canada. In the event that any disposition included herein is declared invalid or illegal, such disposition or part thereof should then be deemed null and void and the remaining dispositions contained herein shall remain in effect.

Any information request pertaining this Program must be sent by e-mail to info@healthtree.ca or by regular mail, to the attention of the Points Program Administrator visit www.healthtree.ca for mailing address.

It will be the responsibility of the customer to pay Federal or Provincial taxes (including the income tax) if it becomes compulsory to do so on gathering and exchange of HEALTHTREE Points.


Personal information gathered during the implementation of the Program will be only used by HEALTHTREE and its participating stores if any. They will not be sold or leased to other companies or agencies. This information is necessary for the Program’s management of members accounts, update accounts, process HEALTHTREE Points exchange and grant rewards and Points to the holder of a HEALTHTREE Loyalty Card. Also, to better understand the needs and preferences of members and improve customer service. Personal information about members are considered an asset linked to the reward card program and, in the event of a sale or a title deed transfer of HEALTHTREE, this information will be transferred as an asset of HEALTHTREE.

However, HEALTHTREE may and will, as legally requested, share any information related to points granted to customers, particularly to tax authorities, if applicable.

Information transmitted to HEALTHTREE upon membership may also be used to communicate with card holders to inform them of future events, special or exclusive offers.

Each card holder must provide HEALTHTREE with a valid email address & Postal Code so that any information pertaining to the Program can be sent by email. HEALTHTREE is not liable if the card holder does not receive the transmitted information or if the information is received close or past the announcement.

Liability limitation

Any card holder releases HEALTHTREE, its subsidiaries, its affiliates and its director or administrators of any other delictual or contractual liability or responsibility resulting directly or indirectly related to the Points program or from registration to the Program.