New Roots Herbal
Magnesium Bisglycinate Plus delivers magnesium as an amino-acid chelate to maximize intestinal absorption and reduce upset stomach. It can improve a wide range of health concerns, ranging from musculoskeletal health to stress management.

New Roots Herbal
MCT Energy is a calorie-reduced source of healthy fats easily metabolized to meet both mental and physical energy requirements.

Bio K
Bio K helps to maintain a healthy intestinal flora, support intestinal functions and the immune system. The company guarantees that its product goes through the entire digestive tract. Dairy and vegan options available.

Curcumin Rich
Theracurmin represents a major scientific breakthrough in curcumin pharmacology, with both animal and human studies showing no side effects and significantly better results than other curcumin preparations.

ACURE is a family owned and operated company founded on sustainable principles to provide the highest quality natural and certified organic personal care. It’s not enough to be natural it also has to work!

Boo Bamboo contains 100% organic bamboo extract which is the highest concentration of silica in the plant kingdom. Silica delivers strength, vitality and shine right at the hair follicule. Boo Bamboo is made in Canada!

Green Beaver rely on pure, natural ingredients to bring you safe alternatives to common household cleaning or personal care products. We’re proud to offer products that are good for you, good for the environment, and good for future generations.

Udi’s Bakery
Udi’s is committed to making delicious food that just happens to be gluten free, because we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise on taste to live a gluten free lifestyle.

Nuts to You Tahini
The nuts and seeds used in our butters are dry roasted or raw, and do not contain added salt, sugar or saturated oils. nut butters are kosher, Non-GMO and dairy, soy and gluten free.

Que Pasa
Our chips are different. They’re made from organic, non-GMO corn ground between volcanic millstones for a deliciously crunchy tortilla chip.

Natura is lactose, GMO, preservative and gluten free. High in protein and calcium and is a natural source of Omega-3 and folic acid. It contains 16 essential nutrients, no cholesterol or trans fats and low in sodium.