Whole Earth and Sea Organic Ferment...
100% fermented and organic plant- based green superfood formula, made in Canada. Provides 6 g of organic plant protein. Great-tasting, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten free. Available in chocolate, tropical and unflavored.

Circu Vein
Flora’s CircuVein IS clinically proven to reduce the visible signs of varicose veins. It supports veins by reducing inflammation. It contains bioflavonoids diosmin and hesperidin sourced from Spanish oranges. Is vegan and gluten free.

Biosolis works with the certification agencies Ecocert Greenlife and the Cosmebio association, who carefully certify the selected ingredients as well as their formulas. Further, all Biosolis SPF and UVA ratings are inspected by an independent laboratory.

ATTITUDE Super Leaves
At ATTITUDE, we make sure that none of the ingredients in our products are listed as known allergens. Thanks to extensive safety testing, we can guarantee that our products are suitable for people with sensitive skin.

SIBU Beauty
Sibu Beauty features luxurious natural skin cleansers, moisturisers, and other topical treatments as well as dietary supplements that beautify and protect from the inside-out. Sibu Beauty is Cruelty free and vegan!

Amy’s Kitchen Frozen Meals
Delicious and nourishing meals made from high-quality organic and non-GMO ingredients. Full range for vegetarian and gluten-free diets.

Nature’s Path Ecopac
Nature’s Path offers a wide range of organic cereal suitable for anyone following a gluten free, vegan or vegetarian diet. Delicious flavors also available for kids!

Nuts to You Pumpkin Seed Butter
Nuts to You sources pesticide free and organic nuts from all over the planet. Their nuts and then roasted, air cooled and made into delicious butters before being packed into glass jars.
Bobos Oat bars
At Bobo’s we feed our consumers like we feed our own families, never compromising quality or taste to create the human-made feel that is more commonly found in your kitchen.

Ethical bean
With eight distinct roasts to choose from our quest to find the perfect coffee is never ending. We lovingly roast them in our carbon-neutral roastery powered by green-energy, and then deliver them to you brimming with possibility.

Daiya Cutting Board Shreds
Daiya cutting board shreds give cheese lovers the very finest in taste and texture. Fast melting and free of seven major food allergens including dairy, gluten and soy. Available in three delicious flavors.

Inewa Low Gluten Bread
Our breads are organic with no preservatives or added gluten. Their high fiber content along with their low glycemic index make it an essential part of a balanced diet.

Happy Planet Clean Protein Smoothies
Happy Planet introduces their new line of vegan protein smoothies that are soy free, non-GMO and contain 10g of protein. Available in banana/cashew, chocolate/coconut and creamy vanilla.