The Healthy Grocer

If you’ve wanted to eat a healthier diet and live a greener life but found it very hard to do, you can relax. Healthtree has aisle after aisle of healthy choices you can make, without having to give up the food you love.

Trying to get away from bleached white flour? Here you’ll find dozens of whole grain flour choices to enrich your baking. Looking for new and tasty oils for healthy salads and a healthy heart? We have enough varieties to make choosing difficult, from cold pressed organic oils to marinades that add zest to your cooking.


Discover New Tastes

Healthtree has many varieties of pure cane sugars and natural sugar substitutes along with a selection of mineral salts. Organic nuts, seeds, legumes and grains are plenty to add extra nutrition to your diet. Not sure what to do with quinoa, chia and flax seeds or how to cook barley, lentils and millet? Come in and ask us or visit the recipe section of Healthtree’s website.

Start Your Day Right

Breakfast feels better when you start your day with healthier foods. Grind your own peanut butter or select one of the many nut butters we have in store. Jams, jellies, honey and cereals combined with toast or bagels start you off with a smile, knowing you’re giving your body nutritious whole foods without added chemicals. And if you can’t get going without your coffee, you’ll feel better if your coffee is freshly ground, organic and fair trade.

Convenience Without Guilt

We carry canned goods like beans, tuna and salmon as well as BBQ and other sauces to spice up your life. Soup and crackers make a healthy lunch at home, school or at the office. Most of all, convenience doesn’t mean sacrificing taste so try our delicious Indian cuisine and Asian ready-to-eat meals for supper.

We have Organic Pasta!

Pastas are a mainstay of most busy families and, here again, you won’t be disappointed. From penne to spaghetti, Healthtree carries all the pastas you love from several different companies so you can find the brand that is right for you. Top it off with a delicious, organic pasta sauce and a salad and you have a meal you can feel good about serving to your family.

Freezer full of Convenience

Suppers can be fast with frozen meals like burritos, tacos, pizzas and other kid-friendly dinners. Add in sides like fries and onion rings along with a good selection of frozen fruits and vegetables, for winter months when the produce you’re looking for is not in season and in store. Frozen bread, phyllo dough, tortillas and naan bread share space with vegan and vegetarian meals, proving there is something for everyone at Healthtree. Top it off with tasty yogurt treats or soy and rice cream alternatives.

Healthy Snacks

Snacks also couldn’t be easier. In addition to the fruits and vegetables you’ll find in our Produce section, we carry a large selection of granola bars, fair trade chocolate bars, and fruit and nut mixes with just the right nutrition for everyone. If that’s not enough, we also have great potato, tortilla and delicious vegetable chips. Juices, rice and soy beverages and soothing teas make your snack complete.

Ecological Cleaning Products

Last but not least, you’ll find everything you need for cleaning your home without the chlorine, phosphates and toxic ingredients that are found in conventional products. There are eco-friendly cleaners for all types of chores: dishwashing soaps (automatic and hand washing), laundry powders and liquids, oven cleaners, glass cleaners and much more. You’ll be surprised how healthy and green you can become!