Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty


Beauty Naturally

Glowing skin. Clean white teeth. Silky, shiny hair. Billions are spent every year trying to attain perfection but at what cost? The aluminum in deodorants and antiperspirants has been linked for years with breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Most shampoos, conditioners and skin creams don’t list ingredients, which can include petroleum and parabens (preservatives), and are more often than not tested on animals. Often the very chemicals we wear and ingest create the conditions we’re trying to fix.


Natural & Organic

Natural health and beauty products sold at Healthtree make sense. They are made with natural and organic ingredients that are listed on their packages. Because the ingredients are not harsh or harmful, they are not tested on animals and are kind to the earth. Whenever possible, we shop as close to home as possible to reduce our carbon footprint.

Chemical Exposure

Take a moment to think about the health and beauty products you use every day: shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant/antiperspirant, toothpaste, perfume/after-shave, hydrating creams, makeup, sunscreen… so many chemicals, mostly applied to our skin. We forget that the skin is the body’s largest organ; it absorbs what it comes in contact with and delivers it directly to the bloodstream. That’s why medicinal patches work effectively, delivering medication through our skin.

Think Organic

Now think about the cumulative effect of using those products, on their own and together. Wouldn’t you rather use organic and natural ingredients on:

  • your babies – chlorine-free diapers, organic cotton wipes), natural and organic bath and body care;
  • your kids – fluoride-free toothpaste, biodegradable sunscreens made from minerals and plant extracts and bath and body care;
  • yourself – herbal and vegetable-based hair color, skin creams, shampoos and conditioners and body care.

And there’s more. Healthtree has healing crystals, essential oils for aromatherapy, magnetic bracelets, pure beeswax candles and incense. Not sure what they are all for? You just have to ask!

Health Comes First

The Organic Consumers Association has an interesting way of phrasing their advice on creams and cosmetics: “Don’t put anything on your skin that you couldn’t safely eat!” We love that because at Healthtree, we take care of you inside and out. Visit our Grocery and Produce sections to see just how delicious organic can be.