Probiotics De-Mystified: How to choose the right probiotic for a healthy gut & better digestion

We don’t usually think about the amazing things happening in our gut on a daily basis – until it starts giving us trouble. The average human has over 500 different species of bacteria, both good and bad, living in their gut. Some of these bacteria are beneficial and necessary, while others contribute to gastrointestinal issues. 

Did you know our gut microbiome is home to 80% of our immune system, and much of that defence is due to the good bacteria that live in our digestive tract? Imbalances in these good bacteria caused by stress, diet, travel, gastrointestinal disturbances, and use of medication can affect many areas of our health. Our gut flora can also be thrown out of whack following bouts of food poisoning or stomach flu, antibiotic use, or simply due to age-related decline. 

There are different probiotic strains that are formulated to support specific needs. Your age, sex, overall health needs, and lifestyle all have different requirements. Use the following guide to help you narrow down the correct product that will target your specific needs:

 Women's Multi Probiotic: UTI and digestive support

Natural Factors Women’s Multi Probiotic is a 10-human-strain formula featuring probiotic strains shown to support the health of the intestinal, vaginal, and urinary tracts. This formula also includes 300 mg of a 36:1 CranRich® cranberry concentrate, which helps prevent recurrent urinary tract infections in women while maintaining healthy digestive function.

Dairy-Free and Vegan Probiotics: 

Whole Earth & Sea Fermented Whole Food Probiotic is a 100% plant-based,  once-daily probiotic supplement featuring 10 billion active cells of beneficial bacteria per capsule at expiry. This formula also features a fermented prebiotic blend of organic, non-GMO fruits, vegetables, and herbs, which help feed beneficial bacteria. When probiotics break down these dietary fibres, they form postbiotics like short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs). SCFAs help lower the pH of the gut, creating a more favourable environment for beneficial bacteria as opposed to harmful bacteria. Provides gentle relief of constipation and bowel irregularity, and to reduce the frequency of flatulence and other functional gastrointestinal symptoms.

Critical Care: Ideal for post-antibiotic treatment 

Critical Care Probiotic contains 55 Billion live cultures in 9-strain human bacteria species for acute, targeted support of both the small and large intestines. This product provides maximum support for acute digestive health needs, restores beneficial bacteria lost through antibiotic use, and enhances immune health.


Senior’s Probiotic: Relieves symptoms due to age-related decline 

Senior’s Multi Probiotic provides eight human-strain bacteria species to support both the small and large intestines. This senior-specific formula helps replenish these species, which decline with age. Probiotics help relieve constipation, gas, and bloating, and combat age-related decline in immune system function.

Ultimate Probiotic: Restores intestinal balance upset by stress and poor diet

Double Strength Ultimate Multi Probiotic is a one-per-day 12-strain formula containing 24 billion live probiotic cultures per capsule right up to the expiry date. This high-potency formula provides friendly bacteria to support the health of the digestive and genitourinary tracts, a normal immune system, and the gut-brain connection.

Children: Supports the immature gastrointestinal system of young children (age 1 and up)

Big Friends Multi-probiotic powder contains 3 billion active cells of seven bacteria species. Each strain is specifically cultured to meet the needs of children in a ratio that reflects their natural intestinal flora. It can be mixed into your child's favourite drinks or sprinkle onto cereal, fruits, or yogurt. No added colours or sugar, and it's also corn free, tree nut free, and gluten free. 

We all need a well-balanced microbiome of beneficial bacteria and yeast to stay healthy, because our gut flora is responsible for so many physiological functions in our bodies. A probiotic supplement is important for both maintaining or restoring a healthy gut microflora at any age or stage of life. 

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